IKAD Engineering



Policies and Credentials

IKAD Engineering Company Policies & Credentials

P0001 Quality Policy Statement

Maintaining an Integrated Management System

P0002 Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Valueing Health and Safety

P0003 Environmental Policy Statement

Protections of the Environment

P0007 Ethical Sourcing & Modern Slavery Policy

Limiting Risks of Modern Slavery

P0008 Drug and Alcohol Policy

Safe, Healthy and Secure Working Environment Objectives

P0013 Equal Employment Opportunity Policy

Vision for the Future of the Company

P0015 Training Policy

Employing Multi-Skilled Workforce

P0017 Employee Relations Policy

Employee Relations Policy

P0018 Bullying and Harassment Policy

Bullying and Harassment Policy

P0019 Anti-Discrimination Policy

Supports and Practices Affirmative Action

P0020 Indigenous Affairs Policy

Working with Indigenous Peoples

P0021 Anti Bribery Anti Corruption Policy

Conducting Business with Highest Integrity

P0022 Whistleblower Policy

Highest Standards of Conduct and Ethical Behaviour

P0024 Code of Conduct Policy

Company Values and Representation

Defence & Marine

OH&S 'Safety Performance' Testimonial - Department of Defence

VLS Soft Patch Removal — HMAS Arunta

NATA - Performance and Approvals Testing

Dynamic Balancing Laboratory ISO/IEC 17025

Germanischer Lloyd Certification

Welding of Hull Structures

PCCP – Class 2, 3 and 4

Application of Protective Coatings


Certificate of Accreditation

Application of Protective Coatings

GL Certificate

Approval for Welding



Oil & Gas

Water Tech

Terms and Conditions